‘So it’s it particularly tough day as a lecturer at university. My boss was a bully. He really mismanaged my issues. I said I was anxious and I said I couldn’t do the work. He demoted me from lecturer to tutor. It got worse because I just got more work piled on me. And then one particularly bad day and I had to hold on to the pole to prevent myself from jumping in front of the train. And now I’m afraid of trains. It was stress induced conditions, and I was only there for a couple of months. I was fine for 10 years. I think mental health for LGBTI people is really important. There are great organizations already supporting our mental health, but there’s a lot more that can be done especially for people with disabilities, people with psychosocial disabilities, people with disabilities from mental illness, but also people with other disabilities that have mental health issues because of their disability and because of the double stigma of being LGBTI and having a disability. It’s really important to create more visibility, to get out there, talk about your experiences, share your story and try and raise awareness, and at the same time fight that stigma.’ – Mark Tayar, 2018