‘So I’m Sage, so I’m an artist and a photographer. I’m lesbian but I’m also non-binary. I have a disability, so I have fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, costochondritis and I also have borderline personality disorder and an eating disorder as well. So yeah, my invisible illness, it basically affects me every second of the day. The pain that my body has to endure is beyond anyone’s comprehension. So if anyone could actually feel the pain for just an hour they would see the strength in simply me just walking. People have this stigma on people who have self-harmed. Even though the person’s not self-harming there’s still that stigma. When people do see me they automatically go to that stigma. They need to sit and have a conversation, and they’re like, “Oh, you’re actually really strong.” When I have that conversation they see the strength in my past and what I’ve been through. Self-harming isn’t the answer until I found the unity and the strength within the queer community.’ – Sage Selenite Amethyst, 2018