“Dieter and Liam Knierim, of Knierim Brothers Productions, created a series of self narrative interviews of the participants of ‘Outing Disability’, which accompanies this exhibition. These portraits and their accompanying stories challenge assumptions about people with disability, especially that people with disability cannot openly express their sexuality and pursue healthy sexual lives. The exhibition has been a really liberating and empowering experience for many of the participants. The opportunity to present oneself to the world as who you really are is incredibly powerful, and should be everyone’s right.”

– Rob Hardy, Manager Health Promotion, Family Planning NSW

Having people with a whole lot of disabilities talking about their sexuality makes us really think through assumptions we make about the way we define people, and the way we make assumptions about lots of things in their lives which are not necessarily part of the label that they’re wearing at that moment. We all have multiple labels. We all need to define ourselves. We all need to be seen as part of a diverse humanity that deserves respect. Too often what is defined as disability, obscures a very human variety of needs, and wants, and desires of the people that we label that way. These vignettes affirm before humanity and all the participants.’

Eva Cox AO, 2014