‘Because I think I was born a gay. Yeah, but nobody knows about it. My mom didn’t know. My father didn’t know. My brother didn’t know. My sister didn’t know. Nobody knew. Nobody. Well, sometimes I’ll go to Newtown, that’s where I go sometimes, to Newtown. Because Newtown has got a big back room thing, gay men go. They’ve got in the city, they’ve got a lot of drag shows. That’s where I go. Everyone dresses up like I do. I go out like this. Oh, my wedding dress, it’s all white with feathers around the bottom. And the lady goes, can I have that wedding dress there? She goes, “yeah, just take it”. Tried everything on, like the shoes, the wedding dress, the veil. Tried everything on there. Everything just went. I can’t wait until I get married. I can’t wait. I can’t wait.’ – Anthony, 2013